Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's HARVEST time...

I don't know what it is about fall that makes me want to bake, cook, and store up food for the winter. I have been acting like a squirrel! It has been all about FOOD around here lately. We discovered our local Cannery (a place to go can food), so my neighbor, Coral, and my oldest son, Paul, have joined me in canning pearbutter (like applebutter) and pear preserves. I also made grape juice the easy way (see recipe below), and put up some vegetable beef soup. If you have not been to a cannery - check and see if there is one near you. It will save you so much time and effort in canning - and you will meet a lot of really nice folks that will be glad to give you tips on putting up food.

The boys hauling pears through the path
in the woods after we picked them from the neighbor's yard

Adding honey to our Pearbutter... YUM!
We also added brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

Today we tried out a new Homemade Granola Bar recipe - it is a keeper. It is a good basic recipe that can be adapted to your tastes and needs. This is going to replace the ones we have been buying every week from the store!

Homemade Granola Bars
(I adapted this recipe from a few different ones and we liked the result)
4 1/2 c rolled oats (can also substitute some Rice Crispies)
1 c whole wheat flour
1 t baking soda
1 t vanilla
1 c melted butter (you can substitute some applesauce for the butter and some of the honey)
1 c honey
2 c additions (mini choc chips, raisins, sunflower seeds, dried apricots, craisens, dried cherries, etc..)

Preheat oven 325 degrees. Lightly grease or line with parchment paper cookie sheet.
In a large mixing bowl combine oats, flour, baking soda, vanilla, butter, and honey. Stir in the addtions.
Press the mixture into the prepared pan. Bake at 325 degrees until golden brown - about 20 min. Take out of the oven and use a spatula to firmly press into the pan further (this will help it not crumble). Let cool for 10 min then cut into bars. Let bars cool completely in pan before removing or serving.You can wrap individually and then store in a freezer bag in the freezer.

Easy Grape Juice (my parents made this when I was a kid - we loved it)
Into each 1/2 gallon sterilized jar, add 2 cups grapes (we used muscadines that we gathered from the woods) and 1 cup sugar. Fill the jar with hot water and stir it up a bit to disolve the sugar. Put on your lids and process for 30 minutes. Let sit for 6 weeks. When ready to drink, just strain your grapes and seeds.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall Themed Vellum Cards

These are the cards we made at a recent workshop I held. The ladies really enjoyed it. I designed the cards so I could teach various ways to attach vellum and to do a variety of techniques with the vellum. I've included all the details for making the cards. Enjoy!
(All products are from Close To My Heart. If you are interested in ordering any of these items, just email me.)

Four Seasons Card

Stamp Sets: Four Seasons and Make It Count
Supplies Needed: Piercing Tool, Adhesive, Paper clip
4 Antique Copper Brads
Inks: Indian Corn Blue, Autumn Terracotta, Topiary, Sweet Leaf, Cocoa
Paper: White Cardstock (CS) base: 7 ¾ x 8 ½  (folded in half, fits business size envelope)
Terracotta CS: 3 ½ x 8
White CS: 3 ¼ x 7 ½
Vellum: 3 x 7 ¼

1. On the vellum strip, going from left to right, stamp:
      A) winter tree in Indian Corn Blue
      B) fall tree in Autumn Terracotta
      C) summer tree in Topiary
      D) spring tree in Sweet Leaf
     Set this aside to dry thoroughly. Once the ink on the vellum is dry,
2) turn the vellum over (so the season are in correct order) and stamp the
Ecclesiastes verse from the Make It Count stamp set in Cocoa ink in the lower right corner.

Let dry completely.

3. Ink the edges of the Autumn Terracotta CS with Autumn Terracotta ink
4. Paper clip the vellum to the White CS, and pierce a hole in each corner. Adhere brads in the 4 corners.
5. Adhere to Autumn Terracotta CS
6. With the fold of the White CS base on the top, adhere to Autumn Terracotta CS to card base.

Grace Card

Supplies Needed: Adhesive, Scotch tape
Inks: Barn Red, Cocoa
Paper: Ivory CS base: 8 ½ x 5 ½ (folded in half)
Barn Red CS: 4 x 5 ¼
Grace large flower PP: 3 ¾ x 5
Vellum: verses/quotes computer printed on 4 ¼ x 5 ½

1. Ink edges of Barn Red CS with Barn Red ink
2. Ink edges of the Grace patterned paper (PP) with Cocoa ink
3. Rip or cut side edges of vellum
4. Fold top and bottom edges of vellum around the horizontally positioned Grace PP, then adhere with scotch tape on the back.
5. Adhere Grace PP to Barn Red CS
6. Adhere to Ivory card base, with fold of base card on top

Autumn Splendor Card

Stamp Set: Autumn Splendor
Supplies Needed: Autumn softchalks & applicators, Stylus and pad, hole punch, paper clip, Raffia, Adhesive
Inks: Versamark, Brown staz on ink, Chocolate
Paper: : Ivory CS base: 8 ½ x 5 ½ (folded in half)
Chocolate CS: 4 1/8 x 5 ¼
Grace yellow PP: 3 7/8 x 5 1/4
Vellum 3 5/8 x 5

1. Use the Versamark ink to stamp leaves on the vellum
2. Color the leaves with the soft chalks
3. With the pad under the vellum, use the stylus to make veins on the leaves.
4. Turn the vellum over (chalked leaves facing down), and use the Brown stazon ink to stamp “Autumn Splendor" in the lower right corner.
5. Ink edges of Chocolate CS with Chocolate ink.
6. Paper clip the vellum to the Grace yellow PP, and punch 2 holes at the top.
7. Tie a raffia bow through the holes, trim ends of raffia.
8. Rip the bottom edges of vellum and Grace yellow PP.
9. Adhere Grace yellow PP to Chocolate CS.
10. Adhere Chocolate CS to card base with fold on left side.

Make a Wish Card

Stamp Sets: Treasures and Treasure Life
Supplies Needed: Piercing Tool, 4 Pewter Brads, Adhesive, Corner rounder punch, Hole punch, paper clip, 4” White Daisy Organza Ribbon
Inks: New England Ivy and Black
Paper: : Ivory CS base: 8 ½ x 5 ½ (folded in half)
New England Ivy CS: 4 x 5 ¼
Ivory CS Tag: 2 5/8 x 4 ½
Vellum Pocket: 3 3/8 x 3 ½

1. Make the tag:
     A) stamp the large dandelion with New England Ivy ink in the upper left corner off the tag
     B) stamp the stem with New England Ivy
     C) stamp “Make a Wish….” with Black ink along the stem
     D) use the corner rounder punch to round the top corners.
     E) use hole punch to punch hole in the top middle
     F) Place ribbon in hole: fold ribbon in half, thread fold through the hole, poke ribbon ends through the loop of ribbon.

GENTLY pull ends to tighten ribbon. Trim ends.

2. Ink edges of New England Ivy CS with New England Ivy ink
3. Stamp the “Plant Smiles” verse with Black ink on New England Ivy CS
4. Paper clip the vellum to the New England Ivy CS, ¼” from lower left corner.
5. Use piercing tool to make holes in corners of vellum and through the New England Ivy CS.
6. Attach brads in all 4 corners.
7. Adhere New England Ivy CS to the card base with the fold on the left.
8. Stamp small poof in New England Ivy ink 3 times going off the edge of the vellum and onto the New England Ivy CS. Tuck tag into vellum pocket.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Here is a great FREEBIE for you...

You can go to this link and  print off a free entrance coupon to go to a museum this Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009 for FREE. There are several museums from all over the country that are participating.
Check it out:

Enjoy ;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Snowman Soup

This little snowman topper and bag of goodies made for a wonderful Christmas gift last year.
My boys had a good time making and giving them to friends.
The topper is made with Close To My Heart's Snow Friends stamp set, Outdoor Denium Cardstock, and patterned paper from the Aspen paper pack, and Raffia. The bag is filled with a hotcocoa packet, mini marshmallows and a candycane.

Was told you’ve been
real good this year.
Always glad to hear it.
With freezing weather
drawing near
You’ll need to
warm the spirit.
So here’s a little
Snowman Soup
Complete with
stirring stick.
Add hot water, sip it slow
It’s sure to do the trick!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Twitterpatted Fall Layout

Here is the 2 page LO we will be doing at my upcoming Scrapbook Workshop this Thursday. This is the 3rd year our family participated in our local Passion Play. It is so much fun to "step back in time" and to imagine what it would have been like to witness Jesus' resurrection...

Layout details: (all products are from Close To My Heart)
Twitterpatted papers,
colors: chocolate, sorbet, sweet leaf, crystal blue
Techniques: using dimensional elements; We will answer the question,
"What do you do with those little cardboard letters and shapes?
We will embellish them with papers and inks!
This is the Thumbnails layout from the Imagine book.
I choose this layout because it is easy, uses pics adapted from 4x6 prints and it lends itself well to a fall theme. It would work well with titles such as:
Count Your Blessings
Happy Fall
10 Things I Love About Fall
Give Thanks
There are still a few more spaces available if you want to attend this workshop - be sure to email me to pre-register!

Blogging World, here I come...

How fun to have my very own virual space to share with the world my musings, art and inspirations.

To start out my blog, here are the words to one of my favorite songs. It has been written by Dennis Jernigan, and sung by the group Point of Grace.

All In All
You are my strength when I am weak,
You are the treasure that I seek,
You are my all in all
Seeking You as a precious jewel,
Lord, to give up I'd be a fool,
You are my all in all.

Jesus, Lamb of God, worthy is Your name
Jesus, Lamb of God, worthy is Your name

Taking my sin, my cross, my shame
Rising again I bless Your name
You are my all in all.
When I fall down You pick me up,
When I am dry You fill my cup,
You are my all in all.