Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Blog Hop

Welcome to the November Stamp of the Month Blog Hop!
If you just came from Pam's Blog, you are in the right place.

The Tri-shutter card is a fun way to display the Around the Block stamp set and the Sweet Home papers.
If you want a tutorial on how to make a Tri-shutter card, click here.

I really love how this project turned it - especially because Ps 91:1 works so well on it. This verse from Psalm 91:1, "Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations.", has been mulling around in my head  for the past month. It is so incredible when you stop to think about what this verse means. We don't use the word, "dwelling place" very often, but it means HOME. The Lord has been/wants to be our HOME. This is a powerful word. It conjures up all kinds of word pictures and emotions in me. When I think about what the word HOME, I envision it as a place I go to
.... find comfort
.... find companionship and a place of belonging
.... find shelter and safety
.... find relief from the stresses of life
.... find nourishment
.... find rest
The Lord wants to be all this for me! But I must choose to go "home" to Him often in order for Him to be able to meet all these needs for me.
This card is going on our piano so I can see it and be reminded of this wonderful truth often.

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  1. Great adaptation with this stamp set using the tri-fold card pattern. I've yet to try this type of card, but your inspiration has sent me back to my craft room!

  2. What a beautiful card you've created! I love it!

  3. love these types of cards and with this set it is fabulous.... awesome work

  4. I love that, Michelle. What an awesome opportunity this blog has provided for you to share your love of our Lord! Wow!

  5. So cute - love those fun folding cards - TFS!

  6. Thanks for sharing your beautiful card! I know it will be gorgeous on your piano and such a great reminder that we can find all things in Him in His dwelling place. Blessings,